Tuesday, November 5, 2019

When Hell Freezes Over

Many people look forward to Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's, but I'm looking forward to what I call Hell Freezing Over, since a lot of things promised to me will happen then. Just today a couple more things went on the list.

Our health insurance company suddenly wants documentation of four specific claims before they will be covered by our benefits card, which has been temporarily suspended. One of the disputed claims is for the amount of $2.17, originating in the office of my dermatologist. WTF? Was I charged for the rubber gloves he wore during the examination? No way of knowing, yet I spent about an hour on the phone this afternoon trying to get written clarification that whatever happened did indeed happen so my benefits can be restored. (If you are confused at this point, that's good; that means I've done an adequate job in conveying the situation.)

Anyway, after talking to a woman in Medical Records who said I clearly needed to talk to Billing, where another woman assured me in no uncertain terms that I needed to speak with Medical Records and happily re-connected me, I was eventually promised that someone would be getting back to me shortly, if not sooner, which I interpreted to mean When Hell Freezes Over.

That's when I will also be getting a call back from the theater director concerning the volunteer position I applied for months ago, and the local politician who swore last year that she really needed my help and would be calling me "ASAP." I know she meant WHFO, but somehow she got her letters mixed up.

Believe me, it's going to be a busy time when it happens.

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  1. I hope we get our health benefits restored before then! Funny (and pathetic) blog post


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