Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dream Eating

This time of  year my will power weakens and I find myself wanting to eat badly and thinking about food more than usual. Partly this is because our teeny, tiny post office puts out "holiday goodies" made by the locals, twice a day, so when you go get the mail in the morning there's that stuff staring at you. And then you go back to see what the afternoon offering is. In fact, this coming Tuesday is my day and I will be putting out my own Christmas sugar cookies, which are to die for if I may say.

Following is the list what I never eat but would if I could just stop caring (like Hillary Clinton apparently has, did you see her at the debate last night?) about getting fat or having a stroke or a heart attack or not being able to breathe or fit into any of my clothes:

Mallomars (whole box)
Drake's Coffee Cake (several minis)
Potato chips (Barbecue flavor)
Sara Lee Cheesecake (Everyone likes it)
Entenmann's chocolate-chip cookies
Freihoffer's chocolate-chip cookies
Chocolate truffles (Expensive kind)
Fritos with Lipton's Onion Soup sour cream dip
Egg rolls
Chicken pot pie
Butterfingers candy bar
Three Musketeers candy bar
Cheez-its (whole box)
Bagel, lox and cream cheese
Key Lime pie
Mike & Ikes
Peanut M & Ms
Auntie Anne's pretzel with salt
Kosher hot dog on a bun 
Nathan's French fries with ketchup
Glazed honey wheat donut (or stick)
Anchovy and black olive pizza
Peanut butter & jelly sandwich on white bread
Grilled American cheese sandwich 
Any kind of sandwich at all

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