Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dogs Are Better Than Russians

TV doesn't get better than this!
The Olympics are coming, or is it is coming. I'm never sure, kind of like with the Beatles. Anyway, after six years of planning and building and making mountains where there were none and fixing others that were already there, they have spent 50 billion dollars-- or maybe it's rupees, or rubles-- but whatever they are, they spent 50 billion of them. So this had better be one damn fine Olympics show, considering the Chinese spent 40 billion in Beijing for those summer Olympics that blew all our minds, and the Vancouver winter Olympics cost a mere seven billion and they were just fine.

So with people starving the world over, and all those babies with distended stomachs and missing their upper lips, and cancer and AIDS still running rampant, how is it possible that the People in Charge of the Planet think having these sporting events and getting a lot of us to sit on our butts and drink in all the commercials which we then tweet about--not me, I don't tweet-- and talk about at our office jobs the next day is the way to to go? This must be what happened to the dinosaurs. Bad decisions.

If you must sit in front of your TV and watch a spectacle, go for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show next Monday and Tuesday, February 10 and 11, from 6-11PM on both nights. I am very excited about that. It cost about $300,000 to produce which is still a lot, but if you are a mathematician which I am not, you can figure out that it is a teeny, tiny, teensy-weensy fraction of 50 billion dollars, or even rubles.

Still need convincing? The dog show loves gays and is full of them, while Russia hates gays and in fact outlaws them. I say screw those Russkies and watch the doggies instead.

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