Friday, January 11, 2013

Thinking Is Not Doing

"Where are my clothes?"
What would you do if tomorrow morning you woke up and found out that California and Florida had each broken off from the mainland overnight and were adrift? I am talking immediately--what would you do right then? I know I would make a pot of coffee. But then what? Talk about it? Watch the news and find out what other people think about it? What could you actually do?

What would you do if your dog or cat started talking? Who would you tell or call? Would you be happy or frightened? Would you see it as a money-making opportunity? 

 What would you do if you won a secret lottery and nobody knew you suddenly have $500 million to spare? Tell or not tell?

What would you do if you went bowling with friends for the first time in 25 years on a lark and bowled a 300 game? Would you start going bowling regularly?

What would you do if you were Ben Affleck and your movie, ARGO, was nominated for Best Picture but you were not nominated for Best Director?


  1. 1. call my friend who lives in LA.
    2. I would love to talk to my cats. I would start a very long conversation.
    3. I would definitely NOT tell anyone. maybe an investment counselor.
    4. I would go bowling a lot more.
    5. I would never be Ben Affleck. If I HAD to be him, I would be glad that I was in the best picture but I would want to get best actor so I would get paid more. I guess I would think it would be easier than directing. Do directors get more money than actors?

    and Argo should not win best picture nor should he get best director.

    now YOU answer.....

  2. 1. I guess I'd call my friends in Florida, thanks for that idea
    2. I would freak out and call the vet and the newspapers.
    3. I would not tell anyone but you, but you can't tell Art.
    4. I would not go bowling ever again; why spoil my record?
    5. I think ARGO should win est picture, and Ben should win best director, but not acting so much. That movie was GREAT and I want to see it again right now. (Have seen it twice.)