Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Floating Opera

We are about to get new neighbors, and since I have lived here for almost four years and have picked up plenty of tips from the locals, I am planning to do exactly nothing to welcome them. This is quite a load off, since back in the day I would have baked a cake or some cookies--I hear they have a toddler--and gone over there with a list of phone numbers of plumbers and carpenters and the snow plow guy and where to get the best organic spinach, etc., and a neighborhood roster and an offer to help with anything they need, and perhaps a casserole. But now I can just put my feet up and relax, and maybe wave if I ever see one of them.

This sounds mean, I know. More to the point, I remember, since that's how we were greeted, except for one woman who lives alone and stuck a card in our door saying, "Hi neighbor!" She was nice, and we even went out for lunch together. (Come to think of it, I haven't seen her around in at least two years now, and in fact I wonder if she is still alive since her windows are always dark. Oh well.) But you know the old saying: When in Rome.....

The real reason for my curmudgeonly stance is that I am sick to death over the fact that my one and only true friend in this entire state--not counting sisters-in-law--who not only is also a painter and has two adorable Maine Coon cats and the same taste in movies as me and also once lived in Utah, and I love her husband and he likes me too, which is rare, is moving away. Alas, life is a river; maybe she'll float by again sometime. Meanwhile, as for those people who bought her house and are just rounding the bend--they'll have to use their own paddles.


  1. wait, I don't get don't want to do all those fun nice things for your NEW neighbor because you are sad to lose Dagmar? Where is she going to be living now?

  2. everyone likes brownies.

  3. Too funny...we moved here from B'more and everyone we met ( at my directive) wants to have us for drinks/have a party...nada, but for one person, who is also from Baltimore!
    I will throw my own damn party, so I am not offended! I think Maine is just less transient than DC and Baltimore. Better than the story my neighbor shared with me. They bought one door away from us overlooking the water and the neighbor in front of them actually erected a solid fence blocking ocean views the day before settlement....welcome!