Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pretense in Washington: What Else is New?

Obama and Beyonce fake talking while Biden fakes having hair.
Would you care if I admitted that I am not really writing this blog post? If I said it just seems like I'm writing it because I have written so many in the past, and that really it was pre-written when I was in a better mood and today I just pushed a button and it's spewing out while I move my fingers above the keyboard so it looks like I'm writing it? But in the end--or rather, to be hip, at the end of the day--does it matter? You read it and it's the same sensation, sort of like lip-syncing a song.

About the brouhaha concerning Beyonce at the Inauguration just a few days ago: Apparently she wasn't really singing and the Marine Corps Band wasn't really playing either, they just went through the motions to mimic the playing of instruments. Actually I found it all quite fitting, since Obama isn't really the President, he just moves his arms and legs while Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid pull the strings, and says the words written for him by Jonathan Favreau. Seems like business as usual in the nation's capitol; not sure what all the fuss is about.

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  1. they really should save the money and discontinue all the inauguration hoodyhaah. Especially since we are hurting for the money.