Wednesday, January 23, 2013

An Extraordinary Ordinary Restaurant

Our great waitress might have been in the sun too long.
We had a great meal tonight at a place that puts this part of Florida on the foodie map. The Whale's Rib in Deerfield Beach, Florida served me one of the best restaurant meals I have ever eaten.

I ordered their specialty, which is baked dolphin--the fish, not the mammal. It was perfectly cooked, yummy, and not pretentious at all. There was not a speck of maple-honey-soy glaze anywhere on the plate, just a slice of lemon. There were no reductions, and I doubt there was balsamic anything in the kitchen. Nothing was drizzled or stacked. There were no undercooked baby vegetables, just a healthy portion of perfectly steamed broccoli and a perfect baked potato, a crisp salad, and a glass of affordable merlot. Mitch had the grouper and he raved. He gave me a taste, and then I raved. Dessert was key lime pie with a dollop of whipped cream and it was perfect too, leading to simultaneous raving as we shared it. The waitress was a hoot and her name was something like Sea Dog, not sure but it sounded like that. I even liked the other customers. Go there if you are ever near there. You'll have a considerable wait for a table if you arrive after 6 pm, but it's worth it. The place has been there for like 20 years, so it's not just me that likes it.

Dinner for two with three glasses of wine came to $67.00 before the tip. Hard to beat these days.


  1. We stumbled into Penang the other day, got sucked in for 4 days. It is 'Asia's food paradise.' The only way to describe it is India and China colliding on a tropical beach in Malaysia, add a heavy dose of chili and fresh fruit. It is a wild diversity of food, people, and culture. Beer is expensive, coming in at $4 (muslim country) but a dish hasn't cost more than $2 ever. Just incredible! You would love it.