Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Try Not to Think of Ted Cruz

For every one of us, waking up each morning is a miracle to be cherished for as long as possible; hopefully all day long. Too often it is almost immediately downgraded by hearing about, and then thinking about, how much better other people have it. (The fact that Ted Cruz won in Iowa does not help.) That's pretty much what life in America is all about, what with striving the number one activity in our culture, followed closely by broadcasting how great things are going for you. 

The surest way to feel bad about yourself is by comparing yourself to others. Thoughts like,"This one is prettier, that one married better, the other one still has all her teeth and a publisher" are never helpful, leading only to negative conclusions about the state of one's own looks, marriage or dental situation, not to mention the likelihood of your latest novel ever seeing the light of day.

A healthier approach is to take stock of what's good and true about your own life and revel in it. It's a difficult task but it can be done. Walking outside, looking at the sky and listening to the birds is a good start. The addition of a cup of steaming coffee can not be overestimated.

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