Saturday, February 13, 2016

Not All Medicine Tastes Bad

Eknath Easwaren
In my quest for peace of mind I was lucky enough to have stumbled upon the writings of an Indian scholar named Eknath Easwaren. He died in 1999 which makes me sad, for if he were alive I would dedicate myself to meeting him. His words are so plain and his writing style so simple and yet so on the mark, unlike many other writers in the crowded field of spirituality, enlightenment, mindfulness, Buddhism, and the whole "be here now" thing who are needlessly esoteric, or as Eknath might say, highfalutin.

Over the last seven years my problematic blood pressure numbers have led me down many a path lined with prescription medications, acupuncture treatments, Tai Chi classes and talk therapy. Yet just reading a paragraph or two in Easwaran's "Passage Meditation" has been the best solution to calming any runaway anxiety or heading off a full-fledged panic attack. I highly recommend it be kept on the nightstand of anyone who finds modern life fraught with horror, terror, phobias, hysteria, indecision, sadness, loneliness or just plain disappointment. Click the following link for a taste of his sweet medicine:

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