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How many things must one do in order to forget about ISIS and refugees and racism and homelessness and sick babies and drug addicts? Apparently there is no end to the list. My latest attempt at finding inner peace is the study of Taiji and Qigong, which are words not in my native tongue so I don't really know what they mean exactly but what it comes down to is an "internal" martial art.

I have now taken two classes in this discipline and all I can say is that while I am doing it I don't think about all those bad things. It's another one of those mindfulness tricks like meditation, making you focus on something specific so that your mind doesn't go off half-cocked on its own, thinking bad thoughts. I suppose golf or tennis lessons would be just as effective, but you get a lot less respect and are not considered t0 be part of the "wellness community," which certainly sounds like a community we would all want to join.

Anyway, by adding this new (to me, as it's been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years) form of mental and physical exercise to my acupuncture and meditation and daily probiotic and fish oil and walking, I am hoping to start feeling more relaxed very soon.


  1. You seem to be continually seeking. I'm not sure there's a "thing" to be found. Meditation is good. Tai Chi is good. Tennis lessons are good. I think it's a matter of finding a fit. Dont' worry about the "thing", and worry about doing what is good for you, and what fits for you. That might be petting the cat, or doing some art, or (trying) volunteering time at the soup kitchen.
    I think there is no cure. NO secret thing.
    I wish there were. In college I tried so hard to find a guru. I failed miserably... people are people, with their flaws and imperfections.
    So what to be done? realize that YOU could start that cult tomorrow, if you wanted to... and you could!
    Don't follow. find.



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