Sunday, February 24, 2013

Yin, Yang and Oscar

More than some other things, snow can make you believe in God, especially when it's soft and fluffy and makes all the world look like one of those Christmas cards that come in boxes of 25, the ones with glitter on the snow--you know the kind. Funny, though, how snow can be so pretty and yet rain is often not. But throw in some frigid temperatures, themselves worthy of complaint, and a bitter rain becomes snow. And so, there it is: Inside every good thing is a bad thing, and often the reverse is also true. Some examples that come to mind are:
1. Raisinets (Needs no explanation.)
2. Parenthood (Again, fairly obvious.)
3. Dead Pets (You miss them so much, but life is so much easier.)

Another one of those "good inside of bad" things is the annual Oscars ceremony. It is almost always long and boring, and I almost never watch it. But this year's host has one of the funniest brains in captivity, which will be present inside the head of Seth MacFarlane, the man behind the TV cartoon series, "Family Guy." If you like it, you love it, and if you don't--well, you don't. But I do, and thus I want to see what he'll do in a live situation, what with his total disdain for all things phony and pretentious. So that's a good thing inside a bad thing.

The bad thing inside that good thing is that we have now had snow for the past 20 hours or so, and it's getting heavy enough to weigh down the trees and the power lines. This being rural Maine, the chance of us having a power outage is high, which means no TV tonight when the awards will be broadcast. That's a bad thing. Inside that good thing, which was the beautiful snowfall making one believe, even more, in God. But there's that Devil, too....

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