Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ain't Love Grand?

This being Valentine's Day, and with Mitch coming through with the exact gift I hoped for--actually, gave instructions on how and where to find -- I'd say he's a keeper. Not only that, but never in 26 years of marriage has he even once tried to kill me, an activity that is becoming commonplace in our wacky society.

From O.J. Simpson to Scott Peterson to the latest one in the news today--South African 2012 Paralympian Oscar Pistorius--love has taken a holiday that in some cases is permanent. Pistorius, named one of the "sexiest men alive" by People magazine last year, just recently shot his girlfriend of several months in the head. Dead. In fact, everywhere you look, lovers are killing one another; women do it too. They batter and bludgeon, they stab and they shoot. They poison. One young woman on trial now apparently stabbed her honey 37 times. (He must have really disappointed her!)

Personally, I consider it a real plus that my husband has never raised a hand to me--not even a slap on the fanny. I go to sleep next to him completely confident that he will not smother me with a pillow during the night, or wrap the telephone cord around my neck and strangle the life out of me. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones.

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