Saturday, January 5, 2013

Weekend Problems of the Middle Class

Give it up for the young DeNiro!
My husband and I wanted to see a movie today, it being quite cold and snowy outside--this is Maine in winter after all--but everything showing around here seems dumb. Love stories suck, let's face it. And The Hobbit--what is that? I never got started on that whole thing and it's too late to start now. Something called Jack Reacher stars Tom Cruise as a hired gun trying to catch a sniper, which is so done already and besides, random violence is so 2012. Les Miserables--oh please. I saw the play and I can tell you that the title refers to the audience. Another option is something boring with a title I forget it was so boring, starring Matt Damon who is always boring and in fact that's likely his appeal as Everyman. And then there's one with a complicated title about a schizophrenic young man who goes home to live with his parents and is on medication and meets a girl and is ultimately saved by love, which may be just a tad too close to home for me as the mother of a young adult, even though my son is not crazy and his last girlfriend was no savior, believe you me, and in fact walked off with one of my favorite Coach bags; who knew they were on the verge of a breakup? (Anyway, that's sort of a chick flick and I may see it with my friend Nan, if she ever has time for me.) But still, it has Robert DeNiro as the father, and little is better than watching DeNiro playing a father, except maybe watching him as a young godfather.

Maybe we should just stay home and watch The Godafther, which also has James Caan at his most handsome moment, before they shoot him up at the tollbooth of course. And Pacino before he got desperate and weird. And Brando when he was alive. They were all so young and full of promise. That's sort of depressing, but I could make better popcorn than what they sell in the theater, and besides they charge $7.50 for a bag which I have to share with Mitch. It's so annoying passing it back and forth. I wish we could get two smalls, but that's like $5.50 each coming to $11 for popcorn. I am not doing that. I wish Zero Dark Thirty would open already.


  1. I went to that movie you described because of DeNiro. What movie is that photo from? sorry, from what movies was that photo taken? I like watching him.

    1. How was it? The picture shown above is him in The Godfather.