Monday, January 28, 2013

Travel Is So Broadening

Honestly, I went with the best intentions of getting a lot of exercise. Alas, two days before our trip to Florida I broke my toe, and instead of a daily power walk on the beach, my only cardio-burning activity was "hobbling," interspersed with "hobbling around," neither of which burns calories. I also did a lot of complaining, another activity that netted few results. Following a week of eating out three times a day and lying around on a lounge chair, punctuated by the briefest of forays into the ocean or hotel pool, apparently I soaked up more fat than sun since I came home minus a tan but with an extra four--okay, five--dreadful pounds. (Good thing we couldn't stay longer.)

Back in real life, it's time to pay the piper. This morning I overhauled my kitchen and tossed out everything that looked like it might taste good. My memories of stuffed grouper and spicy tuna rolls and whale fries and Bloody Marys and Key Lime pie and blackened scallops bathed in butter and some excellent gelato will have to do me for awhile. Fortunately my next trip will be to Haiti, where I hear the food is bad--and such small portions. My husband went to India many years ago and lost 30 pounds; I am hoping for similar results, but without the parasites.

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  1. coach me......we will lose some pounds before we go.....I need your help. Looking in the mirror is not enough.