Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sue Me, I'm Anti-Nonsemitic

I love Bibi!
Antisemitism is supposedly on the rise in the United States. Defined as hostility, prejudice, or discrimination against Jews, a person who holds such positions is called an antisemite. (Hyphen is optional.) Antisemitism is generally considered to be a form of racism. I should be ashamed to admit it, but I am an anti-nonsemite.

I prefer Jews to all other people. Italians are a very close second, and a neighbor from Columbia I recently spent time with is very cool and fun. But all those plain white people who eat ham and have dinner parties with lace tablecloths and crystal bowls of flowers and extra silverware bore me. Sunday morning churchgoers strike me as pretentious, lacking in humor and woefully non-spiritual. (They just don't get it.)

I have had many friends who are not Jewish, but I never tell them anything real about myself. It's a trust thing. Go ahead, report me.

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