Saturday, October 15, 2016

Primal Times Ahead

If you somehow got lost alone in the forest armed with nothing at all but your wits, could you survive? As night fell and the temperature dipped below freezing, could you start a fire? Would you know what foods were available all around you that you could safely eat? 

My answers to the preceding questions are no, no and no. This is troubling since I live in Maine and there are tons of forests here, one even right behind my own home. And while I can't imagine the scenario where I end up alone in the woods, it could happen. Which is why I admire today's younger generation, who for their own reasons, not least of which is mistrust in the future of a screwed-up society not of their making, have focused on living naturally on the planet, as God intended. (Yes I said God, but you can substitute another appropriate word if you can think of one.)

My own son is one of those forward-thinking urban foragers who could get by if need be without supermarkets or restaurants or electricity or even a book of matches, and for that alone I am very proud of him. Zack now gives classes on these skills, sharing his broad knowledge with city folk who are clueless about surviving without their cell phones fully-charged. I sure hope he's nearby when the End comes, say after Trump is elected next month. (Or Hillary.)

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