Thursday, October 27, 2016

Buy My Mittens?

With the ongoing revelations that our probable next president is even more of a lying, scheming, conniving criminal than we already thought but nobody cares because she has a vagina and so that makes it all okay, I am officially over politics. I am also over artificial thrill-seeking, not that I was ever really into it, after reading about the four adults killed on a relatively innocuous water ride at an Australian amusement park called Dreamworld (hah!), going to the movies when there's plenty of decent stuff on Netflix, smoking pot (always a disappointment), shopping in a real store as opposed to simply ordering everything from Amazon, schlepping around Europe drinking lattes and looking at antiquities, watching Louis C.K. videos since now all he does is talk about having sex, and all forms of dessert. Thus I am currently in the market for new things to do.

I am considering taking up knitting although I've been there, done that after my first marriage ended and it was pretty boring, although less so than the marriage. Still, knitters seem so content. It keeps your hands busy and you get such nice things at the end, things you can use, not just hang on the walls. Who knows, maybe people will buy my mittens.

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