Sunday, August 31, 2014

(Try and Have a) Happy Holiday

The once esteemed and now merely grasping New York Times is delivered to our house every Sunday. In the time it takes to walk the paper back to my house from the end of the driveway I can get depressed if I make the mistake of looking down at the front page. I did that today and caught a glimpse of a lead story about how Democrats are going to further exploit the Ferguson, Missouri debacle in black churches and on black talk radio to "mobilize African-Americans" and "channel their anger" to drive them to the polls in November, expanding the already volatile hatred between our warring political parties and, of course, blacks and whites.

Looking away, I spied an article about how ISIS is recruiting Americans through their overwhelming command of contemporary messaging, such as video games and Twitter.

Once inside my house, I threw the whole paper in the trash and kept the magazine section, turning to the crossword puzzle on the next to the last page. After all, I am hoping to have a nice day.

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