Thursday, August 21, 2014

Time Waits for No Man

Things move pretty fast if you ask me. Too fast, in fact. It seems like only yesterday....well, you know. Everything seems like only yesterday. So it's perplexing to see evidence of society's rush to the future, when it's going to come
soon enough, and then be gone and "seem like only yesterday."

What's got me thinking this is that here it is only August 21, but yesterday (for real, not it seems like) I already experienced a Halloween sighting. At the market, right there in the candy and paper towel department (it's a small market) was a display of Halloween stuff: Monster teeth, ghoulish make-up kits and pumpkin carving sets. It gave me quite a jolt, and for a moment I worried that I had neglected to turn over a few pages in the calendar. With Halloween more than two months away, can't we just savor what's left of summer?

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