Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Latest Creation

"Arabia Crownband, 13"
Inspired by photographs of an art exhibit in a prestigious New York City gallery, consisting of such installations as wood scraps in a pile and a line of toy trucks snaking across the gallery floor, I have decided to abandon painting on canvas and take my art to the next level. Starting today, I will work in food.

Shown here is my first piece, which represents the disembodiment of Man from Nature and Other Men. It consists of twelve (12) blueberries huddled on a half-eaten English muffin which was first covered with 100% organic peanut butter. While most of the blueberries are touching, one or two stand alone. The entire grouping is arranged artfully on a fine china dish from Finland in the Crownband pattern. I call it "Arabia Crownband, 13."

The original is currently installed on my dining room table, where it will remain until somebody eats it or clears it away. High quality prints are available for $750; giclees on canvas, $500.

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