Thursday, August 28, 2014

It Takes All Kinds

What gives with some people? Like just now, a woman came into my shop and looked around, apparently dismayed. I asked if I could help and she said, "I thought this was a furniture store. I need a furniture store."

Pointing out the chairs, tables, benches, bookcase and one small hutch, I gave her a a quizzical look. "No, I need a furniture store," she reiterated.

I asked what she specifically was looking for, and she said, "Something to hold business cards, you know, a little thing that sits on top of a desk, a business-card holder."

Not technically furniture, I thought to myself. Not even un-technically, in fact, by no stretch of the imagination is a business-card holder a piece of furniture. Anyway, wanting to help, I directed her to the Staples office supply center roughly two towns down the road, maybe ten miles from here. She said, "What's Staples?"

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