Saturday, February 2, 2013

There's More to New Jersey Than Belching Gas

This blog's readership is plummeting faster than the stock market after 9/11 ever since I wrote that having gay Boy Scout leaders was a bad idea. This literally revolting development is actually kind of liberating, since the fewer people who read my posts, the more I can say whatever I want. Like the following:

1. How come it is okay to poke fun at some people but not others? This young woman named Snooki, who became famous on a reality TV show about a group of people living on the Jersey Shore--I've never seen it but am simply alive on the planet--is always being mocked for one thing or another. Nobody seems to mind making jokes about her being dumb and classless and from New Jersey. In fact, the entire state is always being portrayed as a garbage dump, even though most of it is quite lovely, hence its name as "The Garden State." But too many people only drive through the industrial morass on the Jersey Turnpike, and that's all they know of it. Anyway, I bet if Snooki were grossly overweight or gay or a double amputee, or preferably all three, she would be a folk hero and role model.

2. Why have we never had a Jewish president? Everyone knows Jews are really smart and successfully run many businesses. It seems they would be a natural fit to run the country. And yet. Where is the outrage over that?

3. How does bad art get into museums? Is it the same way bad books get into print, and bad movies get into production? What exactly is that way?

Back when I had a lot of readers--last week--I felt compelled to be funny or make an important statement of some kind. But with few readers besides my loyal friends who actually want to stay in touch with me, this venue becomes more of a personal conversation with them. So, Oz and Deneb and David and Gordon--do you have any answers for me?


  1. Uh, hello, chopped liver here

  2. Yes, I do have answers.
    1. Snooki is paid to be a target of ridicule. she is an actress.
    2. Jews ARE smart, why would they want to be president?
    3. Connections! That's how art gets in museums, and books printed.
    You don't write for the readers. You write for the sake of writing. It is what you do.
    Thank you for being you.

  3. and that dog, over at the right.....Penny, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel looks like she has fetal alcohol syndrome. What's with the eyes so far apart.....ew.

    1. Every dog has its day...that was yesterday.