Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thanking God

Miracles do happen after all! Here we are in the grips of a record-setting blizzard and yet we still have power in our house. This is wild, since in the past we have lost power in rainstorms, wind storms, and even on one perfectly nice calm and sunny Sunday afternoon last summer. So to be in the middle of a fierce, high-wind snowstorm and not be totally freezing with candles burning all over the place is quite a treat, and indeed miraculous. I can only attribute it to prayer. I spent much of yesterday praying audibly to the Big Guy that we would not lose power so I could see what's going on in the rest of the storm area. Finally, he heard me. Or rather, He heard me.

I am quite appreciative and will follow through on my part of the bargain, of course, which means no more jabs at Nancy Pelosi's facelift. And I'll be giving a ton more to charity. Happy to do it though. Having power also means I can post pictures of the storm, which is always fun. Here are some now:

Lonely Weber Grill in Blizzard
Snow Outside My Door
Monhegan Island Fish in the Garden


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    1. I honestly believe that God is male, because if God were female the world would be in much better shape.