Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sea-Questration: No Wet Suit Required

A sea quester at work.
For a brief time I thought a sea quester was similar to a scuba diver. Sue me. I got the sports connotation from the fact that it sounds like equestrian, meaning having to do with horseback riding, which is a sport. But what's that got to do with unemployment? Nothing.  Finally I came to my senses and, for the past few weeks, understood it as having something to do with menstruation, i.e. abortion. Can you blame me? I mean, politically, most roads lead to abortion these days, and always in the most coded language. For example, "A woman's right to choose" means the process of killing unborn babies. Being "Pro-life" means opposing the killing of unborn babies, while "Pro-choice" means you think it's just fine.

My point being, polit-speak is nothing if not veiled. Long before it started showing up in the news, I actually thought "sequester" meant to hide away somewhere. So maybe women who either were or were not having their periods were hiding out from people who wanted them to have abortions? Turns out that's the definition of the verb; there is also a noun, which quite simply means, "a general cut in government spending." That's what is being bandied about by Obama and his boys these days, and is set to begin tomorrow. But I wonder, with all of us dummies out here--the politically correct term lately is "low-information voters"--why not just call a spade a damn spade and say "general cuts in government spending?"

Too much obfuscating by the government, if you ask me. We should all eschew that.

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