Thursday, February 7, 2013

Life Is Beautiful; My Cat is Still Dead

Illustration by Gordon Studer
My cat Gizmo is still dead today, in fact he is deader than he was yesterday when at least he woke up alive first thing in the morning and had no idea that things would degenerate so, resulting in it being his last day on Earth. (He made it until about four in the afternoon.) I am still sad, even sadder than yesterday. There are so many people I really liked a lot who are now dead. I suppose when you get to a certain age there are more and more in that category. This is a huge bummer but a fact that if you can accept and really get it, then maybe all of life can be joyful every minute that you still have it, and those antidepressants that cause all those horrible side effects would become obsolete.

If Gizmo could blog from the great beyond, he'd probably say: "Breathe deep. Be here now. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. You better do it, whatever it is, as soon as possible. You never know. Not to be a downer, but all that crap is so true."

He always was a straight-shooter.

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  1. remember when he got badly beaten in that bad DC neighborhood.....and survived to tell the tale.