Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nutty Baby Names

Some B-list actress named Neve just had a baby and named him Caspian. She then went on a popular TV talk show and gave an interview--it's now online--about why she named him that. You mean there's another reason?

These days celebrity baby names are outrageous, as if having a really interesting one will result in more fans or bigger paychecks for the parents. The fact that the little tykes will have to go through life with that moniker seems not to bother anyone.

Recent celebrity baby names like Brooklyn, Bronx, Calico, Sparrow, Moxie Crime Fighter, Banjo, Ocean, Zuma Nesta Rock, Sparrow James Midnight and Zowie really piss me off. Sorry, but how plebeian can you get? If you want to make a statement, choose something more dramatic than Brooklyn or Bronx; they are so played! If New York is your thing, how about Nassau County, or perhaps Long Island Railroad, or in the same vein, the longer but more lyrical All Others Change at Jamaica? And Banjo is just plain dull when you consider all the other musical instruments out there, like Soprano Coronet, Electric Guitar, or even--call me madcap--Xylophone. Or hey, how about actually calling him Madcap? (I just thought of that one.)

We had a great name picked out for our own baby, but then my father died in my first trimester and my father-in-law followed suit in the second, and so, as is common in the Jewish faith, we named our son after those recently deceased loved ones. Zachary Charles may seem a tad common, but we thought it was cool and went with it anyway, although admittedly it was tough when he was little and every other mom was calling out "Zack" every two minutes. Had our fathers lived, we were going with Something Really Special. That was it: Something Really Special Rouda. Nice, huh? And we aren't even celebrities.

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  1. Once I asked my soon-to-be-niece-in-law if she was going to take my nephew's last name at the wedding. she said they were thinking of combining the two last names or maybe even changing both their names. I liked that idea and I said, so it will be Tommy and Jamie Awesome? and she said yes.
    nice last name, Awesome.