Friday, February 24, 2012

You Could Die Today

The current brouhaha over the National Enquirer's front-page photo of Whitney Houston lying in her casket, with the words "The Last Photo" as the headline, got me laughing--and thinking. Nobody shouted "Foul!" when the same paper published unflattering pictures of Whitney alive and high on crack or drunk and disheveled, yet this one of her dead, her well-coiffed and beautifully embalmed head resting on a satin pillow, eyes closed, is deemed to be beyond common decency.

Come on folks, get with the program! Death is not a monster that visits only bad people. I promise: If you live well, get plenty of rest and exercise, take fish oil every day and eat your veggies, stay away from cigarettes and salt and alcohol and red meat, use your seat belt and avoid rabid animals and swimming with sharks, you too will die someday, maybe even today. What's worse, so will I. Be ready.


  1. And somebody did. A 24-year-old man in Park City, Utah died in an avalanche. The young snowboarder was out having fun and had no idea today would be his last. I am so sad for his parents to have lost their child so young. It is heartbreaking, but it happens. As I said, we have to be prepared.

  2. Cartoon by Doug Savage, "Savage Chickens"
    he is the best!

  3. Tim Baker, friend of Maggie's. Very sad.