Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Oh Bill, How Could You?

I write this blog because I have no choice. Writing is what I do, and in the absence of anyone assigning me a story for money I still do it, but for fun. Sadly, the longer I go without churning out boring crap for newspapers and the Internet, the less interest I have in doing so. And so I write about whatever strikes my fancy, and right now it's Bill O'Reilly getting kicked off of FOX for allegedly making lewd comments to the scantily clad, cleavage-bearing, spike-heel-wearing news babes pretending to be all business talking about important subjects, their dangling earrings often causing a sparkly distraction from the growing death count in one foreign country or another.

Anyway, poor Bill. He worked hard to make FOX the number one cable network for the last fifteen years, but now he's kicked to the side of the road like so much trash after too many sponsors started heading for the hills, the hills being CNN. He simply had to go.

One of Mr. O'Reilly's most reported transgressions was calling an attractive African-American woman who worked at the news organization and who wishes to remain anonymous, "Hot Chocolate." That must have been so terrible for her! I hope by now she has found a good therapist to help deal with that trauma. It will likely take years before she is able to even look at a cup of hot chocolate again, let alone drink one. How sad for her, especially during the cold winter months and on camping trips.

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