Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Blockheads Against Abortion

If only it were possible to have differing views on a subject without damning the opposition, things might be better all over the world. Instead, they suck, and loudly.

Case in point: A woman on my Facebook stream who I don't know (but there she is anyway because someone I do know knows her), attempting to participate in a discussion of people who are "pro-life," designated those who are against abortion as "morons." That seems harsh to me, but then I live in Maine so what do I know?

Here is what she wrote: "These morons want to take away a woman's freedom; has nothing to do with babies, infants or children but everything to do with control of one sex over another." Perhaps if we dropped all the euphemisms, arguments might be less murky: "Pro-lifers" are people who are against the killing of unborn babies, while "pro-choice" advocates think it's every woman's right. Abortion has nothing to do with "freedom" or "control over women," it has to do with the results of having sex irresponsibly. (Yeah, yeah, rape and incest, I know all about it, but many reputable studies done over the years have concluded that those dire circumstances account for only a small percentage of all federally-funded abortions.)

Anyway, go out and have an abortion if you want; I certainly have. In fact, have two or three -- or six, like my old friend J. who preferred it to using birth control. Just don't call someone a "moron" if they think it's murder. In fact, don't call someone a moron ever; it's mean and also politically incorrect. I suggest "blockhead" instead.

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