Monday, April 10, 2017

Been Around the Block-er

If you recognize these two, you're old!
I received a complaint from a friend exactly my age over my recent use of the term "senior citizen" to describe myself. She deplores the term --who doesn't? -- and wondered if I might come up with something, "a word or phrase that speaks to our knowledge, experiences and adventures. A good word, a great word, multiple syllables, maybe with an ae or ??? I respectfully assign this important task to you."

While I thank Judy for her vote of confidence, the sad truth is that the concept of growing old is not exactly a crowd-pleaser and never will be. Still, I'm unable to stop thinking about her request and have been playing around with some words to describe all those people of my generation who remember Uncle Miltie, Nik-L-Nips, circle pins and Justine & Bob. (Personally I preferred Kenny & Arlene.) All of them are preferable to the implied stodginess of "senior citizen."

rock star
hep cat 
main ingredient
pack leader
golden oldie
wise owl
strong survivor
early adopter
sunny stalwart
stick arounder
crowd pleaser



  1. O learned one
    wise elder
    les anciens
    and, to make Judy happy

  2. i LOVE eldocrepitae! Please call me that from now on.

  3. crepitae is troubling sorry unless it does not mean decrepit

    cant it mean educated, wise, experienced, going forward, with nexts , knowing yet not knowing and expectations but not necessary plus ae ...

    1. Judy, there are a lot of "senior citizens" who are NOT wise or educated. The term must include all, even the sick old people clinging to life! Personally I like Rock Star! It has so many meanings on so many levels, beside the obvious, it refers to rocks, as in being old as the rocks, and stars, which are also old. from now on I will use that term when referring to a person over the age of 55.