Thursday, February 9, 2017

Weathering the Storm

There's a blizzard coming my way. It's a little scary since nearby governors have already declared "states of emergency." That can't be good. I'm trying to decide whether to brace myself or hunker down; both actions have been suggested by the weather experts. I may attempt to do both at the same time, if that's at all possible. If it is there should be another word for it, something that implies both, like "bracering down."

Anyway, fearing the worst (my standard m.o.), I've already completed the basics. Yesterday I went to the store and purchased milk, which I don't normally drink but seems important in a crisis, and a dozen rolls of toilet paper although I already had plenty in the house. I also got cat food, chicken soup, orange juice and some eggs, figuring since I was there I might as well pick up the stuff I actually needed.

Then first thing this morning I started the "bracing myself" process by grinding a lot of coffee beans in case we lose power. A blizzard without coffee is downright demoralizing. I learned that lesson the hard way several blizzards back and it's one I'll never forget. I still have to cancel a scheduled haircut for later today and then I'll be all set. The snow is expected to start in a few hours, and once it arrives I will begin the hunkering down process. Until then, I may soak in my hot tub for awhile, just to loosen up my muscles pre-hunkering.

Naturally my husband is away and will return after the storm is over. That's how he handled our son's chicken pox twenty-five years ago. (Mitch says I should let it go, just get over it already, but those midnight baths in Aveeno with a crying four-year-old really stay with you.) While I'm shoveling a path out my front door, Mitch will likely be lying on some beach in LA. He flew there yesterday for his job, but who knows. If I had work there I might find a little time to hit the beach.

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