Friday, February 3, 2017

Across the Widening Aisle

In a class all its own, political discourse can poison almost any well. Just in this last election season I butted heads with several family members and totally lost a friend of more than thirty years. Okay, so she wasn't that close a friend, living in a distant city, but still we shared a past and enjoyed a vivacious Facebook connection, exchanging laughs and helpful information on a weekly basis. Now there's only silence following her declaration that she considered me "someone not worth knowing" because I defended poor Melania Trump from those mean fashion designers who refused to make clothes for her. Which in hindsight was dumb of me since now we all know that Melania looks fabulous naked so who needs clothes?

Anyway, life goes on without Kathy. But yesterday someone who matters more ruined our relationship with her increasingly smug inferences that Democrats are better than Republicans, and in fact that Republicans really are a "basket of deplorables" like Mrs. Clinton famously said, bringing about her eventual downfall. The worst part is that the woman in question is a spiritual teacher and lecturer who has dedicated her adult years to helping others attain peace and happiness through meditation. Yet she has consistently made it clear in her podcasts, especially since Trump was installed, that the only seekers on the path are fellow liberals who get all their news from CNN. I imagine she thinks the rest of us are out partying at a Podunk pizza parlor every night, downing beers and talking trash about immigrants, Jews and those damn transgenders.

It's becoming clearer every day that a civil war is brewing; what happens when push comes to shove and shove comes to shoot? I would like to say right here and now in plain English that if I am captured by the Democrats I'll do whatever they ask, I am not big on pain and torture. I'll get Hillary lunch, line up dates for Bill, schedule surgery for Nancy, even stock up on tissues for Chuck -- whatever they want. Also, since my son is one of them I might have to cross over just so I can see him from time to time.

I'm hoping the fact that I voted for Kasich gets me some brownie points.

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