Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Horrible Vice-Presidential Debate

So the pretty Spanish lady asks the first question, "What makes you prepared to take over if necessary?" and neither one of them answers the question. Kaine goes first and talks about how great Hillary is and then goes into how much Trump sucks. Pence finally gets around to saying that he has a lifetime of experience growing up in a small town. Tim Kaine is busy writing. He always looks like he is wearing PJ's even when he is in a suit.  They both have their little American flag pins on their lapels.

Next question for Kaine: "Why don't people trust Hillary?" He says Hillary has had the passion to serve since she was a kid, completely ignoring the question! Now Pence is writing while Kaine is telling us Hillary's resume like we never heard of her before. Oops, he is now trashing Donald Trump -- this is how he is using his time? Now he's talking about how Trump said Obama was not born in the United States! Oy vay, how can he do this, isn't he embarrassed?

Now the nice lady asks Pence why people don't like Trump, and he answers that Hillary fucked up the whole world as Secretary of State. I guess this is how this is going to go the whole time. Uh oh, Tim Kaine interrupted, loudly. This is making me cringe.

Tim has on a red tie and Pence has a blue tie, sort of funny isn't that the opposite of the whole red state blue state thing? Kaine is interrupting again! I hate him.  He looks like a bulldog, but a bulldog in pajamas. All they are doing is trashing each other's person! God please save us save us all, they are like little kids on the playground.

Now Tim is raising his voice! It's crazy, it's out of control, Tim just said "Guess what." He is a child. But yet he looks like an old man. Funny! Pence is at least handsome. The poor Spanish lady. Now she's talking about how black people get stopped more by the police. Duh, really? I can't watch anymore and it's only been twenty-five minutes.

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