Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sympathy for the Devil

This makes as much sense as hating Donald Trump.

Somewhere deep inside the soul, if they have one, or perhaps underneath the beating heart, if they have one, of every smug, self-satisfied Democrat, a snide little voice is surely screaming, "Come on, let's go jump on the I Hate Donald Trump bandwagon! After all, everyone's doing it! Maybe that will make me feel better about myself."

You get my point. These days the thing to do is hate Donald Trump.  And not just hate him, but hate him with every fiber of your being. He is the Devil. Pure evil. As Babu Bhatt would say, wagging his finger, "He is bad man. A very, very bad man." (Seinfeld fans get this.)

But surely there must be a few lone Democrats out there who do not hate Donald Trump. That doesn't mean they endorse him, only that they still have warm blood running through their veins and can see the human being inside the suit, under the "orange hair" that they all like to mock, who shares some of the same qualities we all possess, and who might even be deserving of a teaspoon of our compassion.

Instead, they all pile on. It's like that fad back in the 1950's of stuffing as many people inside a phone booth as could fit. (The record was 25; no telling how many were Democrats.) It was dumb, stupid, moronic, pointless and dangerous, yet quite popular among those brainless baboons known as human beings. So too is trashing Donald Trump. Hate him in private if you want, but can't you just shut up about it and vote for someone else? Jesus Christ, people, how about a little sympathy for the devil?

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