Monday, October 10, 2016

Somewhere Else Must Be Better

While many childhood memories of my parents have faded, I remember both of them constantly telling me how great America is and how lucky I was to be born here, as they too were. I also remember, sometime during my rebellious teen years, asking them how they could be so sure since neither one had ever lived anywhere else. In fact, the older I got the more I wondered about life "somewhere else."

Now I'm a lot older and I'm still wondering, especially after watching last night's televised train wreck called a "debate" between the two sorry candidates vying to occupy the White House and fly around the world in their own private airborne hotel whenever they damn well please. It was hard to tell who was nuttier: Trump lumbering around the stage like a demented bear just waking up after months of hibernation or Hillary with that snarky grin behaving like Nurse Ratched on way too much Valium.

I hear Norway and Switzerland are nice.

1 comment:

  1. I hear Mexico is nice. At least they're not overrun with illegal aliens!