Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Some Emails Are Worth Sharing

I am pretty excited! I just received the email shown above and I couldn't be prouder. I am going to complete their short order form and go for it! I have always wanted to be an icon, and now I'll have the chance! I have also always wanted to brand myself, but it sounded so painful I would never do it. But I guess now there's another kind of branding that doesn't involve a hot iron, and I'm ready to find out all about it.

I just wonder how these people found my name. It must be from this blog, since all the other things I do -- like research a cure for cancer and feed the poor in under-developed countries and create new apps for the iPhone -- are done under my pseudonym, with a whole other email address on my private server in the basement. (That's one of the things I have in common with Hillary Clinton.)

Anyway, most of my emails are fairly mundane, but this is one I wanted to share with all of my loyal readers. I can't wait to inspire women with my story.


  1. It's a (an "online"?) magazine trolling for free content... They send it to all women they notice doing anything potentially interesting... I get it ;-)

  2. you are already an icon and you dont need to do anything to get there! But this still seem sooooooo exciting :-0