Sunday, October 30, 2016

Smarten Up Before It's Too Late

Yesterday one of the most intelligent people I know admitted on Facebook that he had "accidentally watched" part of a Donald Trump speech but luckily not the whole thing. And he's not alone. I have heard too many times from hardened Democrats that they would never watch FOX News and instead stay tuned to CNN, or that they only read the New York Times because everything else is biased.

Ha! That reminds me of my old friend Nancy who said she didn't have to bother reading any newspaper at all since her husband read the Times every morning and told her what to think. (FYI, Nancy and I parted company years ago.) This behavior signifies either craziness or laziness and explains the continued popularity of those conniving Clinton carpetbaggers.

Don't be a Nancy. Find out for yourself before it's too late.


  1. I suppose you get the "truth" from Fox or Breitbart... Oh, please!

    1. You missed the entire point of this post!!!! I am saying we should ALL listen to EVERYONE and then come to our OWN conclusions, I was not making a judgement call on who is truthful. In fact I think NONE of them are truthful, they are all seeking ratings and money for their anchors and writers. We should LISTEN TO THE CANDIDATES and decide for ourselves, without the media spin.

      That's what I said.