Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Go Ahead, Be A Party Pooper!

I have never liked parties, be they large or small, although certainly the smaller the better. Somehow, large groups of people elicit bad behavior from all participants. This is likely so they will be noticed in a crowd, or maybe because they won't. Either way, I steer clear of them whenever possible. That explains why I never had a wedding either time I tied the knot. (That, and remembering when my cousin got married in a huge, very fancy affair, and as she walked down the aisle a guest who had over-imbibed during the preceding cocktail hour leaned over and vomited in her path just as Betsy approached that very spot.)

So it's no surprise that I despise our creaky, leaky two-party system of government. As far as I'm concerned you can take the Democratic Party and the Republican Party and launch them into orbit, letting them piss and moan at one another somewhere out in the Milky Way. It's sickening to watch it for even one more second. We deserve better! Vote for who you want, not against who you don't want!  Screw them both and write in your dream leader! (No, that does not mean I am in favor of sexually assaulting the candidates, although if Donald Trump said it, it would.)


  1. As The great "Orator" Jackie Mason once said. "Put them on commission"paying them according to how well they perform.