Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Upside of Trump

If Whoopi and Al were aboard, I'd vote for Trump.

Whoopi Goldberg and Al Sharpton, two celebrities who add nothing of value to our society and yet stick their ugly pusses into everything, have announced that if Donald Trump wins the presidency they will move to Canada. This is really bad news, since Canada is so damn close to America. I would feel better if they were going further, like to Singapore, or perhaps Mars.

Yes, the Trump phenomenon is odd. His incredible popularity has surprised just about everyone, no doubt even him. But you must admit that in a country where someone like Whopper, oops I mean Whoppeee, dammit, I mean Whoopi -- she of the outlandish hair, silly glasses and blobby body covered with baggy clothes snatched from a dumpster -- and Al, who creates racial hatred out of thin air and consistently fans the embers of prejudice into a destructive inferno, can earn tons of money just for breathing, anything is possible. 

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