Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Poor Chris

Despite our best efforts and most careful planning, things fall apart. Life takes the wheel, pushing us into the passenger seat where all we can do is hold on and hope we survive. Just ask Chris Christie. I'm sure this morning he is wondering how he got where he is, or rather where he was last night, standing on a stage behind Donald Trump as he dug a hole for them both to jump into and wait for their caskets to be lowered into the ground.

Despite its obvious entertainment value, I couldn't watch the sorry spectacle for more than a few minutes; it was too painful. But the moment held valuable lessons for us all. Here are just a few:

1. Stick to your core values. For example, if you start out wanting to become the President of the United States, becoming the Vice-President or a cabinet member or maybe just a frequent dinner guest at the White House instead is not worth selling your soul to the Donald, oops, I mean the Devil.

2. Be vigilant. Whether you're trying to lose weight, stop drinking or kick heroin, having "just one" potato chip, Vodka Collins or snort will ultimately bring about the destruction of your goals, making you fatter, drunker or more of a pathetic loser than ever.

3. Consider the source. When the great, unwashed masses embrace someone or something, it can't be good.

4. Do your own thing. Fame is almost always a one-way ticket to humiliation. It's best to stay home, lay low, or at the very least look away when pictures are being taken.

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  1. The problem, quite evidently, is that the great unwashed massed are deciding who should be president, based on their gut reaction to various sound bites they manage to not avoid