Friday, March 4, 2016

Nuts in the Oval Office

Obviously ordinary Americans are becoming insane. One way to tell is when you have to repeat something to them over and over (and over) because they didn't hear you the first few times, so distracted were they by all the shiny objects, like those dangling earrings the news ladies wear on TV. (What are those for anyway? Why would someone who is discussing politics or war or the killing of innocents need flashy jewelry?) 

Anyway, that's just one distraction; there are so many more. Constant advertising, booming music, blaring sirens, honking horns, flashing lights, the sound of gunshots, barking dogs and wailing babies form the backdrop of modern life. Naturally a few brain cells are bound to be lost every time you set foot outside your door.

Another sign of rampant insanity among the population is the total lack of interest in the only candidate still running for president who has no baggage, no scandals, in fact no negatives whatsoever, and that is JOHN KASICH, who has apparently been deemed "too boring" and thus receives not one bit of attention from the media, they of the broad shoulders and aforementioned dangling earrings. 

Do we really want a complete nut or a screaming banshee in the White House, or just someone who will keep us safe? After all, that Kim Jong-Un is pretty wild, maybe we should elect him! I bet he'd give Trump and Hillary a run for their money.

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  1. Thank you for the updated fonts and colors. Really makes your page "pop"! I found I was much more focused than usual. Keep up the good work! ;)