Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Getting Unstuck

It's a big world out there; why stay stuck where you landed by chance?

Born in Brooklyn, I moved to Long Island and then Manhattan, next to Washington, D.C., then California, Maryland, Utah, back to D.C. and now I live in Maine. If I were an ant, that would mean I stayed in the same ant hill all my life. That's just plain dumb. But based on the reactions of several of my friends to my intention to move to Israel next year, I can conclude that the thought of pulling up stakes and moving your tent to new territory is too wild and crazy for most people to consider. On the other hand, some brave souls find the courage to change things up and live several lives during this one we have been given for who knows how long.

There's always travel, which a lot of people enjoy despite all the hassles involved. Sure, you get a taste of another culture, but just a taste and not the whole meal. I want soup to nuts somewhere else before this life ends and I come back as a cat or maybe a centipede, or, worse, Marie Osmond, stuck losing those same fifty pounds over and over again until someone can't stand hearing about it anymore and kills me.

Of course then I'd come back as something else, proving once again that every cloud has a silver lining.

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