Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What a Conundrum

Last Saturday night my husband and I went out to dinner at a nearby restaurant. I happened to pay the bill, so I know for sure I had my wallet. We left, went home and went to sleep shortly thereafter, as it was late and the day was done.

The next morning I went out to buy some cat stuff--they need their toys-- and discovered when it was time to pay that I had no wallet. It was not in my purse or on the floor of my car. It was not back home. Putting two and two together, I figured it was in the restaurant where we had been the night before, a restaurant that unfortunately would be closed until Tuesday afternoon at five.

Naturally I called the place and left a message, asking them to call if they had found my wallet. I left the same message on Monday and again on Tuesday. No calls back. I was mildly alarmed that perhaps my wallet had been stolen, or I had dropped it in the parking lot when we left the restaurant. Should I cancel credit cards? What to do? I settled on the usual: non-stop worrying. After all, my wallet has my entire life in it, just like yours. Plus the fact, it's a pretty nice wallet.

Let me now say that we are regulars at this place--have been for five years--since it is only two miles away from our home and we know we can make the trip even if we get stinking drunk, which we never have but might since it is a wine bar and a damn good one. The owner knows us, and with his business shrinking lately due to fresh competitors, you'd think he'd want to retain steady customers like us.

Anyway, today being Tuesday I called again, and the owner answered and said, "Yeah, we have it, in fact we found it Saturday night right after you left and expected to hear from you then, but when we didn't we just figured you'd call us sometime next week."


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