Thursday, August 28, 2014

Petty Bullshit, or Rather, Catshit

Yesterday I drove over to the dealership where I recently purchased a new car. The purpose of the visit was to have their unsightly logo/decal removed from the rear bumper, unless they wanted to pay me to advertise for them, which I offered to do. They did not.

In the car's trunk at the time was a 20-pound plastic jug of cat litter. I had left it in there when I was unloading groceries the day before, since it's sort of heavy and I didn't need it right then and knew where it was when I did need it. Eventually I did need it, and went to the trunk of my car and it was gone.

First I assumed I am losing my mind, since my mother died of Alzheimer's and it's still not known if the disease is genetic, even though technically she died of pneumonia and may not have even had Alzheimer's at all but another form of dementia, but still you see where I'm coming from. Then I thought maybe I had not bought the stuff in the first place, or did but stuck it somewhere odd, and so started searching all the odd corners of my home. That took awhile. Finally I started thinking my husband had removed it to save me the trouble, and that he put it in an odd place, but of course I don't know what he considers an odd place so I called him and asked and he was clueless. So then I started thinking they must have removed it at the car dealership.

I called and they laughed and said "why would we?" and I asked them to check and lo and behold it was there, although the guy I talked with said he had "no idea why it was removed from the trunk" and I could "come and get it anytime."

The dealership is 13 miles from my house. I could come and get it? Really? Drive over and pick up my stolen goods? Petty, but still. The car cost more than $40,000....geez.

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