Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Favorite Subject

What I like to do best is write. To me it is like playing the piano. I sit down and start plinking away with no idea of what I will say, and next thing I know there's a whole paragraph, which leads to another and then another. It's getting started that's the problem, and once I do there is no stopping me.

The same is true of dieting, which by the way is my favorite subject about which to opine. I could go on and on, since I've been at it for about 56 years, give or take. My mother was skinny, my older sister was fat, and my father's side of the family was majorly obese. Dad was just chubby, and in fact when I was 19 he decided to lose his excess weight and so the two of us joined Weight Watchers and had a grand time together, weighing our food and going to the weekly meetings.

Anyway, the thing about diets is if you get started and stick to it long enough to actually lose three or four pounds, something happens where you like being on your diet more than being off it, and wild horses couldn't get you to cheat. That number on the scale going down and down makes your resolve go up and up.

It's fun. Really, anyone needing to lose a few should just get started and stick with it. Your insides will thank you.

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