Wednesday, November 27, 2013

That's Not Me

The Internet says she is me. (She's not.)
Lest you put too much stock in the Internet, here's a bit of misinformation I found therein moments ago. For a change of pace I Binged myself; usually I Google. The first thing I learned is that I am the owner/operator of The Wonderful Gallery, which is located in the Washington, D.C. metro area. But it's confusing because then it said I am the owner of The Wonderful Gallery in Freeport, Maine, and have been for the past four years and nine months. (Wow, I am successful online, with not one but two art galleries!) I am also a Tea Partier who called for the assassination of Keith Olbermann, a pawnbroker living in Freeport, Maine, and a Realtor working in Washington, D. C. On all the the other days I live in Oakland, California.

The only thing they got right is my age. (Dammit.) As for photos, there are many different ones, none of whom are me. And the one I found and posted here is just plain ridiculous, since my hair is so much shorter now.

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