Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Questioning Authority

This whole Daylight Savings Time thing sucks. It is now 5pm where I live and totally dark outside. This is not necessary and in fact seems foolish. It is not bedtime. I think we should turn the clocks ahead like three hours during winter, so right now it would just be 2pm and I would have lots of daytime left in which to rake leaves. That's the ironic part: There are so many leaves to rake, we certainly could use the extra light! Of course, I suppose I could set up some sort of a lantern on a pole situation and keep moving it around the yard as I work, or maybe just turn on our outdoor floodlights. I just thought of that. Oh well, never mind then.

Still, it's odd that "they" tell us what to do and we all do it. Just who the heck came up with that changing of the clocks business anyway? What is Greenwich Mean Time, and sez who? The authorities, I suppose. I despise them. Those damned authorities are often wrong but never in doubt. But often wrong. I know I said it twice, but that's how wrong they often are. Like Obama with the health care. And other things. You know what I mean.

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