Wednesday, October 30, 2013

No Pickles for Me

While there certainly are many, the biggest problem with being 67 is that your peers are old fuddy-duddies. Of course there are exceptions--you know who you are--but in general, people my age are not fun. The men all look really bad (again there are exceptions, Tony), having gotten enormously fat and out of shape, not to mention stodgy. If you ask me, stodginess is to be avoided at all costs, yet my generation is nothing but, except for a few rare gems who seem not to age at all. So I usually hang out with people who are much younger, including my husband who everyone knows was more than a decade younger than I when I robbed him from his cradle 27 years ago, and is even younger now, thanks to buffing up at CrossFit and refusing to mature. This is great for him, but makes me feel even older. It's a pickle.

Speaking of pickles, they are sort of off-limits for me since they contain moderately high levels of sodium: One serving of dill pickles has 678 mg of sodium, while sweet pickles contain 350 mg of sodium per serving. Consuming more than 1,500 mg of sodium a day can trigger high blood pressure and fluid retention, which is something I have to worry about now that I am this old.

Oh to be young and eat pickles with abandon.

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