Thursday, December 27, 2012

Skiing Down the Fiscal Cliff

With the entire country perched precariously on the fiscal cliff, the president cut his vacation short and returned to Washington to tend to the matter, although he left the family in Hawaii, costing us taxpayers millions for their security. (I hope those Secret Service guys are doing their jobs and not cavorting in their beachfront pads with prostitutes, as has happened in the past.)  Up here in Maine we can at least ski down the cliff, which seems like a lot more fun than falling over it, as Winter Storm Euclid bears down. The weather people are now naming snowstorms, I guess so they can have a logo and get everyone all worked up like they do with hurricanes. It's a lovely snow, yet it is already being blamed for a number of deaths, as if because some poor schnook out in the storm has a car accident, it's the snow's fault.

Anyway, it's beautiful where we are, and although there are many things one cannot do today because of the weather, I still like it just fine. The cats are pissed off (see photo), choosing to stay inside despite how boring the lockdown is.

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  1. We have new snow too. My lesser goldfinches are covering my bushes outside. I am loving it.