Friday, December 21, 2012

Now What?

The world did not end today, at least not yet anyway, and I gotta admit I'm a little disappointed. That would have been something! Now it's just the same damn thing, over and over, with boring old Christmas just days away and then New Year's with the ball dropping and right away Valentine's Day candy in all the stores and soon enough it will be too hot again with mosquitoes and we'll be worrying about hurricane season and the rain rotting the tomatoes, and before you know it it's Halloween and then Thanksgiving and another Christmas and well, you see where I'm going.

Things must change. Not sure how. A lip ring? Painful. Tattoos? Tacky. I might have to paint my bedroom, or at least buy a new handbag. For sure, I am going to Haiti in March. Until then, I'll keep paying the bills and feeding the cats and doing the laundry, hoping for a flash of brilliance to ignite my brain and lead me to my higher purpose. And glory in the fact that it's all still here. Who knows, my son might call.


  1. now there's a cool perspective! The world didn't end, bummer!

    I sorta know what you mean. But anyway I'd like to have dinner with you at least once more . . . glad to have the chance . . .

  2. New Years in Koh Phangan will certainly be new!